We are a network of over 130 doctors practicing right here in your community. Choice Health Associates (CHA) was formed so that patients could have a multitude of qualified doctors to choose from and easy access to local, quality, patient-focused, personalized healthcare.
CHA doctors take the time to know and understand their patients needs. They make decisions based on medical necessity, not administrative dictates. CHA member doctors include a wide array of specialists who collaborate with our general practitioners. This critical communication ensures that your medical care is not developed without input from the doctors that are helping you stay healthy and fit.
CHA is also active in the community. Look for us at events where we provide important information about how we can all lead healthier, more active lives.
CHA Patients have freedom of choice in selection of patient primary care physicians and specialists.
CHA doctors are independent and base the treatment of their patients on solutions that are free from any institutional pressures or restrictions.
CHA doctors always treat each patient as a person, not a number.
CHA doctors have access to local leading edge technology in medical services including diagnostics, testing and treatments.
CHA doctors are not mandated by philosophical practices or services that are created by institutional influences.
CHA patients receive doctor-to-doctor collaboration, providing timely and efficient care.
CHA doctors are just a phone call away to meet your needs or set up a same day appointment.
CHA doctors deliver superior patient-focused services through consistency in staff, ongoing doctor-patient relationships, and without prohibitive restrictions or limitations.
CHA doctors have an educational and philosophical diversity.
CHA patients will never incur inflated institutional surcharges.