Story behind the CHA Dues Invoices

August 13, 2017

The CHA board of directors had a difficult decision to make.  Send the annual dues notice March 1 as in years past, or, wait until 2018 ACO signups were complete in July as to not confuse current or new members with the billing.  The board opted to wait, sending out the invoice June 1.

Board member Dr. Kashyap explains the numerous changes that went into this decision.  “Starting January 1, 2018, a significant percentage of CHA members will also be members of the VCFMC-ACO.  As such, we approached the VCMA about including their dues in our billing, making it easier for members to receive both the VCMA and CHA invoice on one form.”  Dr. Kashyap went on to explain how the fiscal year is being changed.  “In the past the CHA fiscal year began March 1.  However, with the VCMA fiscal year beginning October 1, we voted to move our fiscal year to coincide with theirs.  What this meant is that 2017 dues cover March 1 through September 30 with 2018 dues beginning on that date and running through September 30, 2018.  I’m sure this was confusing for some members but we did our best to explain several decisions in the simplest way possible. “

Now that ACO applications are closed for 2018, CHA has adjusted the invoicing members.  Dues for the seven-month 2017 as outlined above is one-half regular dues.  Specialists will be billed $900 and primary care physicians $600.  Along with this will be 2018 annual dues of $1,200 for specialists and $600 for primary care doctors.


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