Two meetings are on tap for CHA members.

August 13, 2017

The first meeting will be the VCFMC-ACO meeting Thursday September 14 at the Palm Garden Hotel in Thousand Oaks.  Dr. Michael Sexton and Catherine Hansen from QVH will be in attendance to provide the latest update and answer questions.

Next, a CHA general membership meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 5 also at the Palm Garden Hotel.  Meeting will start promptly at 7 PM with refreshments and appetizers being served beginning at 6:30.

This will be a very important meeting – and a departure from past meetings.  There will be an introduction of the new executive director, associate directors and physician liaison as well as a discussion of CHA goals for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

“Since Randy Strong and I were appointed in April, our focus has been on improving member communication”, said Executive Director Neil Cuter.  “Toward that end we hired Victoria Griffin as our physician liaison and improved The Pulse newsletter, now published twice monthly, to include more information on events, activities, members and medical news.”

Randy Strong added, “Now that our first steps are in place, it is time to implement a longer-range strategy.  To do that we will present ideas at the meeting to increase member billing, make clinical integration available to a wider range of member physicians and implement a low-cost CHA branding program that can have far reaching impact for greater community recognition.”

Also on the October 5 agenda is an outline of how CHA can add $250,000 to the treasury over the next three years.  Cutler amplified on the impact this can have once this goal is achieved, “Imagine the independence CHA will have to do more for the community as well as add new programs to benefit all members.  Want to open a CHA urgent care center or a CHA lab?  The funds can be used to take the CHA brand far beyond what it is today meaning not only greater recognition, but greater revenue and new patients.”

The most important facet of the October 5 membership meeting will be to have an open and frank discussion on what members want out of their CHA membership and how as an organization, all members have to work together in order for the goals to be achieved.

Save the date for the next General Membership Meeting, Member office managers are also welcome to attend.