Thinking About Back Surgery? Think Again.

March 24, 2016

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Tips to Manage Chronic Pain

January 20, 2016

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A New Toe Hold In the Fight Against Toenail Fungus

February 20, 2015

Drs. Michael Zapf, Darren Payne & Steve Benson

Dreading wearing sandals or flip-flops because of unsightly toenails? You are not alone. An estimated 35 million people in the United States suffer from toenail fungus, a disease that discolors, cracks and thickens toenails.

Toenail fungus is caused by damage to the nail, which leads to fungal infection. Causes include physical activities, genetics, poor cir... Read More

New Hope For a Healthy Heart

December 11, 2014

By Dr. Gholam Mohammadzadeh

In July 2014, a significant heart-healthy milestone was reached at Los Robles Hospital. Instead of undergoing open-heart surgery to replace a defective aortic valve, two patients with severe aortic stenosis, were the first at the hospital to receive new aortic heart valves via a catheter in the femoral artery.

Aortic stenosis occurs when the aortic valve in the heart narrows and r... Read More

Pertussis (Whooping Cough): Responding to the Epidemic

August 12, 2014

by Dr. Edward I. Blackman, M.D., FCAP

Pertussis is commonly referred to as “whooping cough” because of the severe coughing and gasping for breath which produce a characteristic whooping sound, especially in children. The symptoms of pertussis may vary widely, especially in older patients and previously vaccinated patients. Infants are at risk for severe disease.

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Are You Practicing Reactive or Preventive Medicine?

July 17, 2014

by Gilbert Simoni, MD

Advanced Gastroenterology, Inc.

Most would agree that healthcare costs are high. One of the major culprits is reactive medicine. Simply put, many Americans fail to take personal responsibility for their health. They wait until they have a “problem” or react before they seek professional help. Fortunately, over the past several decades, many physicians and health organizations ... Read More

The Obesity Epidemic

April 28, 2014

By Amir Mehran, MD, FACS, FASMBS
Co-director, Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Los Robles

Considered as the most critical threat to public health, it is estimated that by 2030, the obesity epidemic will affect more than half of the U.S. population. The number of deaths attributable to obesity among U.S. adults is ap... Read More

How to Beat Spring Allergies

February 19, 2014

By Patrick Atlee 

Many people suffer with spring allergies. Most cases are mild, but severe outbreaks can cause a person to lose time from work or school and prevent getting routine activities accomplished. There are some things that can be done to help prevent allergic outbreaks from occurring.

Allergies occur from the immune system reacting to certain substances that are in the envi... Read More